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PACKAGE DEALS: Ladder, Lighting & Boarding

Our package deals save you money by putting together a loft ladder, standard loft lighting, and standard loft boarding.

STANDARD LIGHTING + 10m2 15m2 20m2 25m2 30m2 40m2 50m2
2 Section £439 £519 £609 £689 £779 £939 £1539
3 Section £479 £559 £649 £729 £819 £979 £1579
Concertina Deluxe £599 £679 £769 £849 £939 £1099 £1249
Telescopic Deluxe £679 £759 £849 £929 £1019 £1179 £1329
Aluminium Deluxe £719 £799 £889 £969 £1059 £1219 £1369
Timber Foldaway £729 £829 £899 £1039 £1099 £1249 £1449
If your loft is larger than 50 square meters, we will tailor a package for you upon our free survey.
Loft Ladders All prices include supply and fitting
Loft & Ladders | Loft Ladders | London | Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire | Essex   At Loft & Ladders, we concentrate on three main factors when choosing our loft ladders: safety, quality and durability. We have a selection of both aluminium and timber ladders, to suit all shapes and sizes. Loft ladders provide a convenient, space-saving solution to all of your storage problems. More...
All prices include supply and fitting Flooring & Boards
With a selected range of high quality flooring products, our team of qualified, experienced and highly-skilled fitters provide a friendly and efficient service at affordable cost. Whether you require flooring insulation to reduce energy bills, chipboard flooring ensuring a strong surface without gaps or you require your loft floor to be raised. More...   Loft & Ladders | Flooring & Boards | London | Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire | Essex
Other Products All prices include supply and fitting
Loft & Ladders have a range of other services and products with all of our prices including supply and fitting. Whether you require a new hatch door for easier accessibility to your loft, a hatch ballustrade for added safety when descending from your loft, alterations to your current hatch door or you are looking to brighten up your loft with a roof window.
Loft & Ladders | Hatch Door | London | Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire | Essex   New Hatch Door

When we fit your new ladder, we will also convert your existing hatch door with a new swing-down door and ladder pole for compatability with your new ladder. If your existing hatch door is unsuitable, we have the following doors available for supply and fitting:

Standard door - £59 ex vat Insulated door - £79 ex vat
  Loft & Ladders | Hatch Ballustrade | London | Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire | Essex   Hatch Ballustrade

Space-saving custom built loft ballustrades surrounding your hatch opening offers added safety when entering or exiting your loft.

£89 ex vat
Loft & Ladders | Hatch Alteration | London | Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire | Essex   Hatch Alteration

Our fitters have the expertise and experience to construct a new hatch opening or enlarge your current hatch opening safely and efficiently.

Enlargement - £169 ex vat New hatch opening - £199 ex vat
(without ladder - £219 ex vat) (without ladder - £249 ex vat)

  Loft & Ladders | Roof Window | London | Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire | Essex   Roof Windows

We have a vast range of Velux roof windows available for supply and fitting. All factory made sizes available. Price includes supply, fitting and flashing kit.

Prices start from £649 ex vat
Loft Lighting

Our fitters will install your loft lighting accompanied with
a conveniently placed switch adjacent to your loft hatch.

Prices are:

  • Single bulb & switch:  £159 ex VAT
  • Two light bulbs & switch: £190 ex VAT
  • Fluorescent tube & switch: £199 ex VAT
  • Two flourescent lights & switch: £299 ex VAT


  Loft & Ladders London Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire Essex   loft ladders
Luxury Storage Rooms

Our luxury storage rooms are a fantastic way of converting your loft at an affordable cost. The package we provide includes supply and installation of velux roof windows, loft flooring accompanied by the insulation of your choice, access to and from your loft, stud walls and the strengthening of your loft joists. If required, we can also install access doors into the eaves on both sides of the room to offer fundamental storage space.

From £4900 ex vat
(Based on average 2 bedroom, terraced house)
Loft & Ladders Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire

Q. Are your products and services guaranteed?
A. Yes, all of our products and services are fully guaranteed for up to 5 years.
Q. Is there a better choice between metal and timber?
A. No, it's only preference between the two, many people prefer timber ladders due to their appearance.
Q. Will I need to have a new loft hatch with my new loft ladder?
A. When we supply and fit your new loft ladder, we will convert your existing hatch panel to a swing-down door to ensure compatibility with your new loft ladder. However, we are able to fit a new door if your current loft hatch is unsuitable.
Q. Are there any hidden costs?
A. No, all of our prices we have quoted have no hidden costs, the prices you see are the prices you pay.
Q. Will my home be left with a mess?
A. No, our fitters bring large dust sheets to catch any debris and will clear any mess they leave, should it fall outside of the dust sheets.
Q. Do you hire sub-contactors?
A. No, all of your work will be carried out by one of our fully-trained, friendly members of staff.

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